Gmm-u1315 - Maximum sensitivity and low power consumption small form factor GPS Module

Based on the latest MT3339 single chip solution, the Gmm-u1315 offers maximum power and low power consumption in a small form factor.

The GlobalTop Gmm‐u1315 module is based on the MediaTek new generation GPS Chipset MT3339, offering the industry's highest level of sensitivity (‐165dBm ) and instant Time‐to‐First Fix (TTFF) with low power consumption. This means precise GPS signal processing to provide precise positioning under low reception, high velocity conditions.

The module supports up to 210 PRN channels with 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels. Gmm‐u1315 supports various location and navigation applications, including autonomous GPS, SBAS ranging (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN*, andMSAS), QZSS and AGPS.

Gmm‐u1315 has excellent low power consumption characteristics (acquisition 25mA, tracking 20mA) so that power sensitive devices, especially portable applications, have longer operating times.


  • MediaTek MT3339 Chipset, L1 Frequency, C/A code, 66 Channels
  • Dimension 13 x 15 x 2.1 mm; SMD
  • Ultra-high Sensitivity, -165 dBm, TCXO Design
  • Position Accuracy: <3.0M 50% CEP
  • Multi-path Compensation ; E-GSM-900 band rejection
  • UART (TTL)
  • NMEA 0183 and PMTK protocol support
  • E911, RoHS Compliance
  • 1PPS: ±10ns RMS
  • Multi-tone active interference canceller (MTAIC)

(*GAGAN will be supported later.)

Dimension 13 x 15 x 2.1 mm, SMD type
GNSS Solution MTK MT3339,66 Channels
Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz ; C/A Code
(GPS Portion)
Acquisition -148 dBm
Tracking -165 dBm
Position Accuracy Without aid: 3.0 m (50% CEP)
TTFF (Time to First Fix) Cold Start: <35 Seconds (Typical)
Warm Start: <33 Seconds (Typical)
Hot Start: <1 Seconds (Typical)
Timing Accuracy (1PPS Output) ±10ns RMS
Protocol NMEA 0183
AGPS Supported (Offline Mode)
Interface 2 UART
Baud Rate 4800 ~ 115200 bps
Update Rate 1 ~10 Hz
Power Supply VCC: 3.0 V to 4.3 V 
VBACKUP: 2.0 V to 4.3 V
Current Consumption Acquisition: 25 mA 
Tracking: 20 mA
Working Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Handheld Device
  • Tablet PC/PLB/MID
  • M2M application
  • Asset management
  • Security industry
  • Surveillance

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Last updated: 14 October 2019