Gmm-r1 - High Sensitivity GPS Module with ROM Chipset

GlobalTop's Gmm-r1 GPS module achieves the industry's highest level of sensitivity and fully utilizesMediaTek's "MT3337" ROM GPS chipset.

GlobalTop's Gmm-r1 GPS module achieves the industry's highest level of sensitivity and fully utilizes MediaTek's "MT3337" ROM GPS chipset.

The Gmm-r1 includes an internal Read-Only-Memory (ROM) in the GPS baseband chip. This module's architecture ensures minimal cost by replacing expensive Flash memory with internal ROM in the GPS baseband chip.

Greater flexibility in system design is provided by multi-tone (up to 12) active interference cancellation(ISSCC2011 Award). Up to 210 PRN channels are supported with 66 search channels and 22 simultaneous tracking channels. The Gmm-r1 supports various location and navigation applications, including autonomous GPS, SBAS ranging (WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS), QZSS and AGPS.

The Gmm-r1 has excellent low power consumption (Acquisition: 63mW, Tracking: 49mW) making it suitable for power-sensitive applications such as portable devices. It also integrates many advanced features including AlwaysLocate™, EPO™ and logger function.


  • Ultra‐High Sensitivity: ‐165dBm
  • High accuracy 1‐PPS timing support for Timing Applications (10ns jitter)
  • Adjustable duty cycle of 1PPS
  • AGPS Support for Fast TTFF (Hosting EPO™ Enable )
  • Acquisition: 19 mA Typical
  • Tracking: 15 mA Typical
  • E911, RoHS, REACH complian
  • CE, FCC Certification


Dimension: 10 x 9.7 x 2.1 mm, SMD type
GPS Solution: MTK MT3337, 66 Channels
Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz ; C/A Code

Acquisition: -148dBm (Cold start)

Re-acquisition: -163dBm (Hot start)

Tracking: -165dBm
Position Accuracy:

Without aid: 3.0m (50% CEP)

TTFF (Time to First Fix):

Cold Start: <35 Seconds (Typical)

Warm Start: <33 Seconds (Typical)

Hot Start: <1 Second (Typical)
Timing Accuracy (1PPS Output): ±10ns RMS
Update Rate: 1Hz (Default), Max. 10Hz
Power Supply:

VCC: 3.0V to 4.3V

VBACKUP: 2.0V to 4.3V
Current Consumption:

BUCK Mode:

19mA Acquisition

15mA Tracking

LDO Mode:

25mA Acquisition

20mA Tracking

Working Temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Handheld Device
  • Tablet PC/PLB/MID
  • M2M application
  • Asset management
  • Surveillance

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Part Number Description
Gmm-r1 Gmm-r1 GPS Module, external antenna required, 66 channels, 10 x 9.7 x 2.1mm

GPS EV-Kit GPS module evaluation kit with User Manual, Software Application Program, CP210X USB Bridge VCP driver, MiniGPS tool with user manual, USB Connector Cable, External Antenna (where applicable).

N.B. The required module for evaluation must be specified when ordering.

The GlobalTop GPS Module Evaluation Kit is the best way of testing the performance of Mediatek GPS modules. Not only does it simplify the evaluation process, it also helps engineers during the design phase.

G.topEvalKit-300pxThe evaluation board can communicate with a computer via a USB cable, and the module can be controlled through the Mini GPS Tool or PMTK commands (available through request).

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