Titan X1 - GNSS Antenna module for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & QZSS applications

The Titan X1 from G Top is a multi-GNSS Patch Antenna module with simultaneous multi-constellation support, offering superior positioning accuracy and ultra fast time to first fix ( TTFF).

The Global Top Titan X1 is a state-of-the-art Multi-GNSS Patch antenna module in a compact footprint designed especially for applications where small size and easy integration are essential.

With its compact footprint of just 12.5mm x 12.5 mm, the Titan X1 is one of the smallest embedded patch antenna GNSS modules based on Mediatek's MT3333 chipset. It features an integrated, specially tuned (12mm x 12 mm) GPS and Glonass Patch Antenna that offers unparalleled performance for a module of its size.

Titan X1 offers a fully integrated design as standard, with a complete set of components including TCXO, RTC Crystal, SMPS, SAW Filter and an additional LNA; all considered vital for optimum performance.


  • MediaTek MT3333 Chipset, 33 tracking/ 99 acquisition-channel dual GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Ultra-compact size, 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 6.8mm, SMD module
  • Multi-Interface support, I2C, SPI and UART
  • Ultra-low Tracking Power Consumption, 20 mA
  • Ultra-sensitive tracking, -165 dBm
  • Layout compatible with Firefly X1 (via Mesh Design)
  • External Antenna interface (with automatic detection and selection)
  • Ultra-high Sensitivity, -165dBm, TCXO Design
  • Gtop Firmware Customization Services
  • E911, RoHS Compliance
Dimension 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 6.8 mm, SMD type
GNSS Solution MTK MT3333, 99 Channels
Frequency GPS L1, 1575.42MHz
GLONASS L1, 1598.0625~1605.375MHz
(GPS Portion)
Acquisition -148 dBm
Tracking -165 dBm
Position Accuracy Without aid: 3.0 m (50% CEP)
TTFF (Time to First Fix) Cold Start: <35 Seconds (Typical)
Warm Start: <33 Seconds (Typical)
Hot Start: <1 Seconds (Typical)
Timing Accuracy (1PPS Output) ±10 ns RMS
AGPS Supported (Offline Mode & Host Aiding Mode)
Interface 2 UART
Power Supply VCC: 3.0 V to 4.3 V
VBACKUP: 2.0 V to 4.3 V
Current Consumption
@3.3V, 1Hz update Rate
Acquisition: 29 mA; Tracking: 20 mA
Working Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
  • M2M Telemetry
  • Vehicle Tracking (AVL)
  • Personal Tracker
  • Covert Asset Tracking
  • Mobile Devices
  • Pet Tracking
  • Industrial PDA
  • Timing Synchronization
  • UAV, Drones
  • eCall / ERA-GLONASS Systems
  • Navigation Devices
  • Avionics

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Part Number Description

GlobalTop Titan X1 GPS / Glonass, Antenna module, 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 6.8 m.

Packaging: Tape on reel, 350 pcs per reel

Firmware configurations:


GlobalTop GPS module evaluation kit with User Manual, Software Application Program, CP210X USB Bridge VCP driver, MiniGPS tool with user manual, USB Connector Cable, External Antenna (where applicable).

N.B. The required module for evaluation must be specified when ordering.

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Last updated: 17 April 2017